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When you need trustworthy and competent legal services, David R. Brewer, Attorney at Law, PLLC is the first place to turn. We get what client relationships are all about, we get results, and we get referred to your family, friends and business associates.



One’s professional affiliations reveal much about the breadth and depth of practice in which that professional is engaged. Mr. Brewer and his team have consistently been leaders in associations with other professionals (both lawyers and other professionals) who practice at a very high-level, both ethically and technically. Among Mr. Brewer’s professional affiliations is the professional networking group, Industry Master’s Forum. Continuous quality improvement is the goal, both for Mr. Brewer as well as the other lawyers on our team.

Mr. Brewer and other attorneys with the firm have been active members of several chambers of commerce and school district bond & demographics studies. In this manner both Mr. Brewer and the firm have demonstrated their commitment to business owners and business development beyond the firm and in the broader community.  The Brewer Law Firm has a proven commitment to business and business owners.


No one should ever choose a lawyer (or any professional for that matter) solely on the basis of his or her charitable involvement. However, knowing that the lawyer you trust serves on the boards of non-profit organizations does two things. First, you know that this is an individual who is involved with other professionals in the community with active, hands-on acts of charity. This can only enhance one’s professional network and ability to thereby provide greater value to his or her clients. Secondly, and very importantly, it gives you an insight into the depth of character that individual possesses.

Mr. Brewer leads a team that are all heavily involved in giving back to the communities where they live. Here you will see links to a few of the more prominent charities the firm actively supports, both financially, and with its time and hands-on involvement. Mr. Brewer also serves on the permanent judicial commission of the Presbyterian Church USA. In effect, the Supreme Court of the church, responsible for hearing cases that have been referred to it from administrative proceedings within the church.

What people are saying about the Brewer Law Firm

“I always enjoy working with you and appreciate your organizational skills and your professionalism. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

-Roddy McAlpine
Fmr Vice Pres.

“David works hard and always in the best interest of his client.”

-Ray DeLaughter
Terra Craft

“Mr. Brewer always provides a great deal of honesty and integrity in his approach to all matters small and large.”

-Mark A. Shank
McJunkin Corp.