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David R. Brewer Attorney at Law, PLLC appears for clients in a wide variety of matters over which the Texas Probate and Family Courts have jurisdiction. We represent general and limited partners, administrators, executors, trustees, beneficiaries and other individuals and entities in will contests, actions for breach of fiduciary duties, accountings and petitions for partition of real property.

Clients often turn to us in multiparty actions with complicated issues and high stakes, and in cases involving allegations of fraudulent administration or self-dealing. Of course, not every probate matter involves disputing parties or complicated legal issues.  Each and every one does, however, involve the death of a unique human being who leaves behind grieving loved ones who need the help of a competent and caring professional in order to attend to clearing title for and transferring the assets of the decedent to the proper recipients.  David R. Brewer, Attorney at Law, PLLC is ready to assist executors and heirs in the smooth and timely disposition of such matters, and thereby enable them to move into the future in a positive and constructive manner.

Keep in mind that expertise in this practice area, as well as other practice areas of the firm (Business Law, Litigation, Real Estate Law, Trusts and Wills, Probate, Family Law), is available with our Outsourced General Counsel service.

Representative matters include:

  • Represent executrix in multi-party will contest in valuing retirement plan, ERISA issues – holding company interpled benefits in federal court, where probate litigation ensued
  • Represent widow (beneficiary) sued by executrix seeking to defeat bequest in husband’s will. 3 years, 10 attorneys for executrix, 2 mediations, numerous contested hearings, mandamus and Appeal to 14th Court of Appeals successfully defending client’s bequest from hostile adverse claimant
  • Guardianship proceeding protecting ward’s assets from her husband’s son, who had obtained power of attorney for his father and denuded community estate of all assets
  • Guardianship proceedings for incapacitated adult child whose parents sought to protect ward from unscrupulous suitors
  • Numerous Independent Administrations in instances the deceased left no will – Determination of Heirship proceedings attendant thereto
  • Numerous probate proceedings in instances decedent did leave a will, including simultaneous probate in multiple states when necessary

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