Whether you are forming a new business or managing a business that has already been in operation for many years, you will inevitably experience situations where you desire, and even require, the advice of an experienced business law attorney. An experienced attorney will understand the many complexities of forming a business, as well as daily operating issues related to employees, contractual agreements, property ownership, issues with business partners and investors, and many more. Business owners should be focused upon their chosen business and its customers, and need to know when to consult a business law attorney to assist with legal issues. No one can specialize in everything – and trying to “do it yourself” in the legal arena often causes more problems than it resolves.

When starting a new business, choosing the correct business entity type for the protection of you, your family, and your assets is very important. Having a business attorney that takes the time to get to know you, your business, and your family can be invaluable. An attorney who knows you personally will be able to better advise you on your personal and business legal matters. Your personal beliefs, desires and wishes impact not only your family, but also your business. Conversely, your business practices, challenges and successes also impact your personal life. This is true both during, and after, the life of the business. This is why larger companies hire a full time attorney – called a General Counsel – to advise regarding all legal matters. Having an attorney and legal team that is not only experienced in business law but also real estate law, estate planning, probate and litigation, allows you to have advice related to personal or business issues, that always has your best interest at heart.

Through the life of the business many challenges will arise. Preparing and protecting the business, its principals, your family and your assets is possible with the help of a competent attorney. When considering what type of business entity to form, an experienced business attorney will help you evaluate the benefits of each and match them with your personal and business needs and goals.

Once the best type of business entity is chosen, operational issues must be considered. Ongoing business operations include many issues such as:

● employment agreements
● non-disclosure agreements
● asset purchase and sale agreements
● stock purchase and sale agreements
● financing agreements
● guaranties
● estate planning
● tax planning
● disputes
● leases

While most business owners and principals will engage an attorney on business matters such as disputes that result in litigation or substantial liability, retaining a company attorney in advance of those crises moments has great benefits. One key to choosing a company attorney is to ensure the attorney has experience in many practice areas and is supported by an experienced team. A company attorney, or team of attorneys, is there to advise you on a variety of legal issues both large and small. Many times simply seeking the advice of a competent attorney who knows you and your family, before proceeding on the purchase of real estate for your family or discussing a potential acquisition of the assets of a competing company, can help ensure your transaction will not cause you any foreseeable legal problem. The benefits of a company attorney can far outweigh the costs when the attorney and his team are ethical, experienced and willing to get to know not only your business, but also you and your family. Why not have ongoing, tailored legal advice that allows you to AVOID litigation before it arises, rather than fork out the tens of thousands of dollars to hire good legal counsel once you are already involved in active litigation?

Some business owners view the idea of a company attorney as an expensive and unnecessary proposition. Contrary to this idea, engaging a company attorney through services such as outsourced general counsel, can in many cases become a money saver for the business and its principals. Well drafted agreements with employees, clients, other businesses and in other transactions such as real estate or business acquisition, can save substantial time and money.

David R. Brewer and his team are not only knowledgeable and experienced, but we genuinely enjoy getting to know your business and your family. By getting to know you and your family as well as your business, David and his team are able to help you align your personal and business legal needs — to allow you to grow your business while protecting what is most important to you. David and his team would like the opportunity to share with you how outsourced general counsel can save you time and money while helping you plan for the success and protection of your business and family.

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